Best for all property classes.

Sustainable development opportunities thanks to comprehensive expertise

As a service provider, INVESTER is well placed to manage the entire project development process. The dynamic development and targeted marketing of the property ensures that the goals of all project participants are reliably achieved. INVESTER combines the outstanding advantages of different real estate classes in its planning and development services.


​The development of projects inspires us. We bring together innovative project ideas, capital and properties for development concepts. With the needs of our users and the market as our guidelines, we ensure the best sustainable results for our investors. Our development team leads the development process from initiation and initial analysis to conception and implementation. As the client’s representative, we focus on transparent communication, leadership and responsiveness and take responsibility for the entire development process.


Our projects are accompanied by a technical expert from the acquisition to the handover. In this way we can guarantee technical feasibility from the very beginning and keep the construction costs within budget. In addition, during the construction phase the building site is continuously monitored for quality, costs and adherence to schedules. This ensures that all INVESTER projects are completed on time, within budget and with the desired quality.


Our goal is to create value. With our wealth of experience, curiosity and openness to the latest innovations, we look for optimisation opportunities throughout the entire development process. We include all necessary project participants in the evaluation process and continuously incorporate the results into our planning process. We apply this process-oriented approach to all our development projects and can thus guarantee compliance with business plans and optimal results.

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